For patient-centered medical device reps and distributors who want to exceed quarterly goals and have a consistent stream of potential customers

HOW I WILL generate PROSPECTS, APPOINTMENTS, AND DEMOS for medical device reps and distributors using personalized, automated cold-outreach

make more sales with personalized, automated cold outreach

3 reasons why cold email is the most effective and scaleable way to find new customers for your equipment



If you've done cold calling, sent random messages, InMails, driven to medical offices, or collected signatures at a conference, then you know how much time and energy traditional methods take



Imagine sending hundreds cold emails and connection requests each day to qualified prospects other KOLs. Your prospects can respond any time of the day.



Outbound marketing can be frustrating if you don't know anything about your customer. You're rolling the dice.

With cold email, you can send well-written and compelling message to the right person the first time, and book meetings and demos


Frequently Asked Questions


Does that mean I should stop my current marketing and outreach methods?

No. In fact, I encourage you to continue to meet with key opinion leaders (KOL's), prospects, leads, surgeons, clinical directors, and physicians. Keep cultivating and asking for referrrals. Keep going to trade shows and expos. Nothing will every replace face-to-face marketing, but personalized, automated cold outreach can amplify your efforts. You will have a consistent stream of leads while you do your thing.


How do I know it’s a good time?

The earlier the better. It takes time to find the prospects, test the copy, see what works, and start getting solid results, so the earlier you start the faster you’ll see the results. Plus, the recession adn the banking crisis are here, so yeah, now is a good time. Supply chains are going to be disrupted for awhile, foreign competitors are entering the market, and more medical centers are using value-based purchasing. More sales and relationships makes it easier to deal with these issues.


What’s your guarantee?

I'll be glad to send you 1-2 qualified leads for no charge and then we can talk about a paid, long-term relationship. Even then, I only get paid per meeting.


What can I expect on the first call?

It's a 15-30 minute call, only longer if you want.

During this call, I will learn more about your business, your products, what you want, and determine if I can find you leads. No selling involved. Let's start the conversation.

Quit sending random messages and random cold calls

build a personalized, automated cold email system with compelling offers to the right prospects

start getting consistent leads